LETTER: Abel Seetaram has no credibility to judge me or anyone else

File Photo: Abel Seetaram and the state vehicle he crashed

Abel Seetaram has no credibility to judge me or anyone else

Dear Editor,

When credibility is not part of one’s DNA, no one takes that person seriously. And anyone with an ounce of brain or self-respect would know it is not wise to draw attention to oneself. In a letter published in the Guyana Chronicle (May 6, 2017), the discredited AFC mouthpiece Abel Seetaram wrote, “MP Gill not fit enough to talk about Region Five”. This is funny coming from a person who has a reputation of being dishonest, drunk and disorderly, and who, it is alleged, is now being investigated by the police for allegations of fraud. This is the dilemma that the AFC activist, Abel Seetaram faces every time he voices his opinion publicly.

In May last year, Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo terminated Seetaram’s services as his Regional Representative for Region 5 after he crashed an expensive government SUV into a fence on the Bath Public Road in Berbice. This occurred soon after leaving a wedding house where he had been seen drinking heavily. He was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital, and was later charged and fined $30,000 with an alternative of 32 days in jail for dangerous driving; $25,000 or 21 days in jail for being an unlicenced driver; and $15,000 or 21 days in jail for breach of insurance. And had he not pretend to be asleep when the police visited his bedside at the hospital to take a breathalyzer test, he may have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Recently it was reported that he, along with his sidekick Carol Joseph, were taken into police custody to answer charges of fraudulently taking millions of dollars from the Mahaicony Abary Rice Development Scheme (MARDS). It is also alleged that he may have illegally used part of MARDS’ money to repair the badly damaged government vehicle and fence he crashed into. If this is true, both Joseph and Seetaram should soon be facing criminal charges.

Abel Seetaram has no credibility to judge me or anyone else. In Matthew 7:5, the Holy Bible cautions people like Abel Seetaram, “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

While it is true that I have lived many years of my life overseas, I returned to Guyana at great sacrifice to my personal income and away from my children, to give back something to the land of my birth, and hopefully make a meaningful contribution by doing so. I am grateful to Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo and the People’s Progressive Party/Civic for giving me this opportunity. Whatever “benefits” Seetaram believes I now receive as a Member of Parliament, is insignificant to what I enjoyed in the United States for over 23 years. 

In an effort to discredit me as a Member of the National Assembly, Abel Seetaram said I was chosen as an MP from the “left-over” and “scrape up” votes”. Ironically, his name was on the APNU+AFC List of Candidates that contested the 2015 election, and the coalition selected Jennifer Wade to represent Region 5, and rejected him. Even the “left-over” and “scrape up” votes could not get him into Parliament. Doesn’t that send a message? 

I am proud of the impeccable character I have built over the years. I have never been accused of misappropriating monies from sports clubs across Region 5, nor have I ever been arrested for fraud. And no one can ever accuse me of being drunk and making a fool of myself in public. I doubt Abel Seetaram can say the same about himself with a straight face. 

Sadly, I must decline Abel Seetaram’s challenge to walk with him in Region 5. He is a despicable person, trying desperately to gain some form of recognition as a somebody. I will not help his cause by being seen in his company.


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