What purpose does Kissoon’s hateful pronouncements against former President Jagdeo serve?


By Nigel Hinds

Mr. Fredrick Kissoon has used his platform at Kaieteur News to demonize the character, reputation and accomplishments of Guyana’s former President, Mr. Bharat Jagdeo by constantly, relentlessly and irrationally speaking ill of Jagdeo. What purpose does this serve? How does such asinine commentary pass the print test at Kaieteur News? It is beyond comprehension to see what utility the hateful pronouncements made by Kissoon on the former President of Guyana advances our public discourse.
Kissoon’s attempts to strain logic, revise and deny history and to stain the character of another human being, in such a malevolent, divisive, irresponsible and dishonest manner are pernicious to the political, social, cultural, economic and cohesive development and growth of Guyana.

Witness Kissoon’s hateful fulminations on Jagdeo in Kaieteur News, by just extracting from his writings published during the week May 18 to May 24, 2017, which illustrates and exposes Kissoon’s bloviating fixation on the former President, using irrational, absurd, vacuous, misleading, malicious and spiteful pronouncements that are nauseating and lacks context and evidentiary value. Extracts from Kissoon’s writing refers:

1. May 24, 2017: “Jagdeo hegemony was the worst atrocity the British West Indies has ever witnessed.”

2. May 24, 2017: “…fifteen years of disastrous domination by the Jagdeo/Ramotar cabals”.

3. May 22, 2017: – Jagdeo came from a totally different cultural ambience. His ideological flow has deep ethnic underpinnings that Burnham and Jagan never had.”

4. May 21, 2017: “I saw Bharrat Jagdeo in 2016… This most powerful man in Guyana from 1999-2015 had become a figure that no one noticed.”

5. May 19, 2017: “The Jagdeo hegemony has been the most immoral, depraved, and uncivilized period in the history of government in power.”

6. May 19, 2017: -The fifteen-year period of Jagdeo/Ramotar control is the darkest cloud that has ever descended on this country. The words that will follow this line come from the deep recesses of my mind, heart and soul – if in 2015 the PPP had won, Mr. Glenn Lall’s life would have been in danger. I would have had my life endangered. The independent press would have been destroyed. The public service would have been ethnically cleansed. The criminal conspiracy would have exercised unhindered power. The police force would have become completely tainted at the top.”

7. May 19, 2017: “The little that is left of the country’s resources would have gone to friends of Mr. Jagdeo.”

8. May 19, 2017: “…the monster that devoured Guyana from 1999 to 2015.

9. May 18, 2017:”Mr. Jagdeo took NIS money and wildly invested it…

10. May 18, 2017:”President Jagdeo spent over sixty million American dollars to build a hotel. Why a hotel and not a better bridge for Berbice? Why a hotel and not put that money into development in Berbice? Why a hotel and not put that money to develop Black Bush Polder that has no street lights?”

The foregoing ten extracts from Kissoon’s articles are just samples of Kissoon’s ramblings on Jagdeo over a one week period, that demonstrates Kissoon’s obsessive, snarky, disrespectful and baseless pillorying of former President Jagdeo that has been stirring for several years.
What is the benefit of Mr. Kissoon having read from Plato to Schopenhauer and knowing the works of other great philosophers, which Kissoon waxes profusely about, yet Kissoon frequently focuses his knowledge on spouting immature and infantile nonsense about Jagdeo on an almost daily basis, in one of the most widely read newspapers in Guyana.


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