Press Statement by Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo M.P.,

Today, I submitted to President David Granger, the names of six (6) persons for the appointment of a Chairman of GECOM, pursuant to the provisions of Article 161(2) of the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.     The six (6) names are as follows: Continue reading OPPOSITION LEADER SUBMITS NEW GECOM NOMINEES


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Leader of the Opposition, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, who is also the party’s General Secretary, led a delegation which undertook an outreach in several villages across Region Nine. The General Secretary and commenced meeting with residents on April 11th at Fair View and later held meetings in Potarinau, Rupunau, Quiko, Sand Creek, Merinau, Baitoon. Maruranau, Awarewaunau and Karaudarnau. Continue reading OPPOSITION LEADER, OTHERS IN REGION NINE OUTREACH

Opposition Leader visits Stabroek Market & its environs

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Dr Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday visited the Stabroek Market and its immediate environs. During his interaction with vendors, stall holders, members of the business community and providers of public transportation a number of concerns were raised. These include slow market sales fueled by increased taxation and other factors; the parking meter project and its severe impact on businesses and the ban on used tyres which, according to providers of public transportation, will lead to a severe increase in operational costs.

State owned newspaper promoting racism

See the highlighted section of this Guyana Chronicle article which appeared in its March 24th ONLINE edition ONLY. This naked and divisive appeal to race was done a mere few days after Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo revealed that the Department of Public Information which falls under the purview of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo is engaged in spreading online racism.
Jagdeo said that he was reliably informed by a source that the DPI is paying about 50 trolls who are operating under the guidance of Imran Khan and are using Indo and Afro Guyanese sounding names to canvas the internet. He said that they are using the most hateful and racist language to polarize the society.

The online publication of this racist article by the state owned newspaper is further evidence of a campaign to divide our people using race hate by the APNU+AFC Government.

Continue reading State owned newspaper promoting racism