OP ED: A Bar Association; its role and responsibilities

By: Mohabir Anil Nandlall, MP


Over the past two years, I have had cause to lament, incessantly, about the comatose state in which the Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Association of women Lawyers, in particular, and to a lesser extent, organizations such as the Red Thread and the Guyana Human Rights Association seemed to have plummeted. On occasions, I may have been overly cynical, if not disrespectful. I am not sure that I have any regrets. Maybe that is the medication needed to remedy the situation and revive consciousness.

As a consequence, a gaping void has been left in the fabric of the Guyanese civil society which has crippled its capacity to express that crucial voice of criticism and condemnation against an avalanche of abuse of power, unconstitutionalities, attacks upon individual judges and the independence of the judiciary, violations of human rights of the citizenry, undermining of democratic institutions of the State, abrogation the doctrine of separation of powers, emasculation of independent watchdog institutions and rampant trampling upon the Rule of Law, which have enveloped this society. Some may argue that the matters to which I have alluded may have been occurring for far in excess of two years. That maybe so, but that is no basis for them to continue. Moreover, I doubt that anyone can credibly traversed the assertion that the organizations to which I have referred have never been as dormant as they have become over the past two years.     Continue reading OP ED: A Bar Association; its role and responsibilities